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Best part of my day just happened! Thanks so very exceeded expectations.


Mary C.
New York

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Los Angeles, CA

I have no words to say how much I love my necklace!
You are a true heart artist!
Lovely words and package too!
Send you lots of love and gratitude!
Inviato da iPhone


Hi Talya! I just received the gold bar bracelet that my husband ordered for my birthday. I adore it! I will be ordering something for each of my kids for Christmas. From the packaging to the product and all of your thoughtful touches, I am so pleased and grateful. My daughter Isabella is the one who ordered the W+B pendant and heart! You’re a special and talented crafts woman!💕

Lisa F
New York

I did yesterday and it is perfect. Thank you! I’m going to order some other things later on in the year as gifts. You do beautiful work and OMGSH how about the packaging?! Just as cool!

Lisa L

My beautiful bracelets arrived! Thank you so much Talya. I love them xxx

Arabella C

Talya......thank you so much for my beautiful bracelet. The clasp is stunning.....your craft and creativity is just magical. The way you put your heart and a part of your soul into each piece is absolutely shown!

Rebecca T
Laguna Beach CA

Got my bracelet today. It’s beautiful. Thank you so much for the evil eye also. I will wear it with much love and pride. 🙏🏻❤️✡️✝️

Karen H